Bitcoin Gold Officially Launches, and Plunges Immediately

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has officially launched this week, although immediate price action suggests investors have largely disavowed the new cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s second major fork, which lacks the technical robustness of the one before it, came on to the scene Wednesday after its backers published the software. Apparently, BTG launched after surviving a “massive and concerted attack from its first moment of existence.”

“A massive attack was made in an apparent effort to disrupt the mainnet launch, but the Bitcoin Gold team managed to get the network up and running… albeit a little later than planned,” the developers added.

BTG officially forked Oct. 25 when Bitcoin block 491,406 was mind. Its developers had stated the official launch would occur sometime in early November.

Lingering Doubts

BTG failed to generate the support of a Bitcoin Cash mainly because of the widespread criticism surrounding its use. Analysts uncovered many red flags associated with BTG, including the fact that the proposed fork wasn’t publicized initially. This led to the suspicion that developers will mine on the chain indefinitely to line their pockets following launch day. A lack of replay protection and “scammy” URLs associated with the cryptocurrency were also cited as major concerns.

The most important difference between original bitcoin and BTG is the latter’s proof-of-work protocol. Instead of SHA256, the BTG algorithm uses Equihash, which is currently implemented by Zcash.

BTG Price Levels

Despite all the skepticism surrounding the new coin, BTG is tradable on some of the major exchanges, including Bitfinex. These exchanges are also supporting BTC/BTG futures trading. This cross has traded at roughly 0.02 BTC in recent weeks.

Bitcoin Gold spiked on launch day, reaching a high of $505, according to CoinMarketCap. However, the gains would be short-lived, with prices crashing back down to the $225 range. Presently, BTG is trading at $265 for a loss of 28%. Its 24-hour trading volume exceeded $62 million, with Bitfinex responsible for the bulk of the turnover.

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