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Bitcoin Fork Takes a Big Bite as the Market looks for Logic

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Bitcoin Fork Takes a Big Bite as the Market looks for Logic


This article was posted on Tuesday, 20:40, UTC.

If you are depending on fundamentals to trade any digital currency you will end up frustrated and broke.  In reality, digital currencies do not have the kind of fundamentals like stocks, and in this early phase of fat tail volatility, you can only depend on technical support and resistance levels to guide you. Anticipating and translating the media cycle news will not help you make money in digital currencies.  Staying with the trend in assets is a proven winning strategy. I can tell you much of the chatter today about the selloff in Ethereum is related to the Bitcoin fork,…

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Steve Kanaval

Steve Kanaval

Steve began his career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1980 and ran Morgan Stanley Derivative Prop Trading for the firm. He continued his career as a Trader/Portfolio Manager for multiple Hedge Funds during the Internet Boom of the 90's. Steve is known as an expert in trading stocks and digital currency and has published thousands of articles and archived video with important market participants related to US Equities, private shares, and crypto currency. He offers a humorous, unique insight related to volatile stocks and the related back stories and drivers. He is a featured speaker on the conference circuit specializing in market volatility, liquidity and emerging market assets.

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