Bitcodin: Be Your Own Netflix With Ease

bitcodin-be-your-own-netflix-youtube-amazonNetflix and Amazon may soon have to ramp up their offerings. A new technology has arrived, Bitcodin by new contender Bitmovin, which enables commercial enterprises and home users to stream their home video library anywhere they go at high-quality, in the same way they would with Netflix.

The secret sauce is Bitmovin’s innovative video encoding, which allows users to submit videos to be encoded and output via another server, like a cloudhost or FTP server. The converted file can then be used by Bitcodin to stream at home cinema quality, like other video services. From their documentation:

Encoding-jobs are the central element of bitcodin, they consist of an input which is encoded according to an encoding profile into MPEG-DASH and/or HLS output. Using the concepts of input and encoding profile, the complexity of video encoding gets reduced significantly, which helps our users to save time and money.

YouTube and Vimeo, Be Warned

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The platform is not just for home users, however. They have business plans starting well under $200, which could enable a new thriving market of alternate video sharing methods. Rather than having to rely on YouTube or Vimeo or inferior in-house solutions, Bitcodin will enable media start-ups to format high-quality streaming videos with minimal effort and expense.

Disruption comes in many ways. While Bitmovin has a long road ahead if its mission is to make Netflix obsolete, its new offering is quietly disrupting the streaming industry, as customers can already try it out without any commitment. Free accounts at Bitcodin come with 2.5GB of storage and up to 10 free encodings per month.

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