Binance Coin Update: Wyckoff Breakout in Progress

Binance Coin (BNB/BTC) is the altcoin market’s ultimate comeback kid. It was dead in the water on November 17, 2018 when it broke support of 0.0014. The market flipped the support into resistance two days later on November 19 to confirm the breakdown.

Binance Coin was supposed to enter a long bear winter. However, the market had other plans as it whipsawed everyone who panic sold the breakdown. In this article, we show how the Wyckoff Breakout is in progress in Binance Coin.

Wyckoff Spring

On November 28, 2018, Binance Coin dropped to as low as 0.001233. At that point, participants were convinced that the market broke down from either the large head and shoulders pattern on the longer time frame or a descending triangle on the shorter time frame. Even though the market was ripe for a bounce, almost everyone expected it to be the dead-cat type. Nevertheless, Binance Coin showed why it is always best to be prepared for both bull and bear scenarios.

The market suddenly rallied and took out both the head and shoulders neckline and the diagonal resistance of the triangle in one fell swoop. It then flipped both resistances into support on December 20, 2018. This is a classic example of a Wyckoff Spring.

BNB/BTC bear trap

As you can see, this price action is bullish. The smart money most likely accumulated positions from August 14 to November 17, 2018 while Binance Coin was range trading between 0.0014 and 0.0016. The breach below the support was the smart money’s method to tap into more liquidity. They shook the tree in order to accumulate more positions in a short amount of time. When they were done, they triggered the rally and the reversal.

Now that we know the smart money accumulated between 0.0014 and 0.0016, we can form the expectation that they will defend this range. More importantly, with the bear trap sprung, we can assume that Binance Coin is ready for the next stages of the model: the throwback and the markup.


According to the Wyckoff model, Binance Coin is scheduled for a pullback before it can launch a bull run. The brief retracement is actually bullish. It would flip the former resistance into a firm support. This would enable the market to trend higher.

Wyckoff Model (Source: ScanStockCharts)

So far, Binance Coin has gone through the first three phases: accumulation, spring and breakout. The market is now trading above 0.0016, which used to be the range high. However, it is starting to show signs of weakness. Binance Coin is showing a bearish divergence on the daily RSI while trading close to overbought territory. On top of that, it is creating a rising wedge on the daily chart, which is a bearish pattern.

BNB/BTC bearish signals  

These signals are aligned to the next step of the Wyckoff Model, which is the throwback. The pullback will be healthy for the market. It will enable technical indicators to cool off as well as allow the market to establish a new base of buyers.

If you’re considering placing long positions in the market, the throwback to 0.0016 is a very good chance to do so.


Should Binance Coin pull back and stay above 0.0016, then the market would be ready for the next phase: the markup. This would be the start of the market’s bull run.

From Binance Coin’s market structure, we can see three heavy resistances: 0.002008, 0.0002287, and 0.00258. These would be the target prices to look for.

BNB/BTC heavy resistances

If all goes well, those who will be buying the throwback can potentially grow their investments by over 60%.

Bottom Line

Binance Coin is an altcoin that should be languishing in a bear winter. Instead, the market has managed to reverse its fortune through the Wyckoff model. It is likely that this market is on the brink of a massive bull run.


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