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The Biggest Online Breach Of The Year is Revealed, 191 Million Voters Affected

The Biggest Online Breach Of The Year is Revealed, 191 Million Voters Affected

by Justin OConnellDecember 28, 2015

If you thought the year for data breaches was over, guess again: the biggest US data breach of the year is now revealed as the voting records for every registered voter are available online. 

Whitehat hacker Chris Vickery gained 300GB of voter data, including names, home addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, party affiliations, and details about voting history. After having trouble contacting the party responsible for the breach, he went public with his findings. There are 191 million American citizens registered to vote, and, while the leaked info does not contain financial data or social security numbers, it dates back to 2000.

To confirm the data, Vickery not only looked up his own, but, as well, the data of numerous police officers in his city. The information, he confirmed, was accurate.  According to Forbes, “It would appear every registered US voter is included in the leak.”

Vickery and presumed NationBuilder, a digital campaign service for political parties, were responsible for the breach, but a NationBuilder spokesperson told that the IP address linked to the leak was not theirs and nor their hosted clients.

Vickery sums up the problem on Reddit: “Our society has never had to confront the idea of all these records, all in one place, being available to anyone in the entire world for any purpose instantly.”

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Much of the information has been available before, purchased by political campaigns to garner support and votes, but the information has never been available all in one place. While there are some websites, such as such information is available, this recent leak is much more far-reaching.

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