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At&T Partnered With The NSA To Spy

At&T Partnered With The NSA To Spy

by Ali RazaAugust 18, 2015

A newly released document by Edward Snowden has revealed that AT&T has been collaborating with the NSA by helping them to spy on US internet traffic for many years, reported the New York Times

Holistically, AT&T isn’t the only telecom company that assisted the NSA but the company’s desire and willingness to go the extra mile, sets them well apart from all others.

Edward Snowden NSA HackedNew York Times recently published some damning documents that indicated both Verizon and AT&T, with regards to their partnership with the NSA, but the mouth-watering relationship the security outfit maintains with AT&T seems to be a partnership made in heaven.

The telecoms company has been offering technical assistance to the NSA and this goes as far as using its platform as a testing ground for newly developed spy technologies and techniques.

Although the released document failed to specify whether the mutual understanding is still in place, it clearly shows that the NSA and AT&T worked together for ten years (2003-2013) and most professional analysts that have studied and analysed the released documents are of the belief that AT&T were willing collaborators, as shown in the documents where AT&T send a correspondence to the NSA saying:

This is a partnership, not a contractual relationship.

A New York Times report shows evidence of an old surveillance program called FairView that has also been traced in the released documents. AT&T was fully involved in NSA’s surveillance of the United Nations HQ. The company gave the NSA free access to the communication lines of the UN HQ under its control and also released billions of random emails to the security outfit.

AT&T has been indicted as the company that has helped the NSA conduct all sorts of surveillance over the years and professionals have posited that, although foreign emails are not under the NSA’s jurisdictions; AT&T has willingly provided it on its own discretion and without court order.

When quizzed, Brad Burns, an AT&T spokesman said:

We do not voluntarily provide information to any investigating authorities other than if a person’s life is in danger and time is of the essence.

He further declined to say anything.

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