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Apple Watch is Bleeding, is it the New Lisa?

Apple Watch is Bleeding, is it the New Lisa?

by Jonas BorchgrevinkJuly 8, 2015

Apple sold 1.5 million watches the first week they launched their new product line in early April. From there on out, sales has declined rapidly with now more than 90% less sold watches than in the opening week. The results from a new market-research report are far below the expectations of Apple critics.


apple watch crashThe market has bought fewer and fewer Apple Watches as you can see from the graph above provided by Slice Intelligence in California. Some days the sale of Apple Watches has been less than 10,000, which is a staggering difference from the 200,000 Apple Watches sold each day during the launch week.

If the sales don’t disappoint you, you might get surprised that more than two-thirds of the watches sold have been the cheapest “Sport” version, and not the more advanced expensive models. The expensive gold “Edition” priced at $10,000 has sold less than 2,000 pieces.

Apple has yet to comment on the claimed numbers by Slice Intelligence, and they have yet to release any sale numbers about the Apple Watch.

Are Wearables the Future?

Will Apple Watch be for Apple like Lisa was for Steve Jobs? And is wearables the future? Maybe Apple has just made the wrong product? Looking at the graphs below, you can see that Fitbit is still selling strong.



Featured image from Shutterstock, graphs from Slice Intelligence.

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  • No offense David Parker but you need an editor man!!! Sentences like “Is wearables the future?” Just drive me crazy! Wearables is PLURAL. So it should read “ARE wearables the future?”

    You have grammatical problems like this THROUGHOUT this article. Just take a little more time dude and if Ingrish isn’t your first language, then GET AN EDITOR!!!!!!!