Apple iOS 9 Beta Available for All

apple-ios9-beta-available-nowAnyone with an iOS device can now download the next version of its operating system ahead of the official release.

Apple has uncharacteristically decided to be somewhat open on its development process, though it would seem the move was mostly so that developers could make sure that their apps would work in the new environment. The developer preview has been available for a while and this release is specifically aimed at consumers.

There are some new features in the new release that looks and feels the same as previous versions. It sports a newer, smarter Siri, with more integration for the digital assistant. Apple devices will now be able to understand mass transit directions which is a sorely lacking feature in earlier versions of their maps software.

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Apple wants all of its users to update to the new platform as soon as possible, which may require some work from third-party developers to ensure their apps are working properly in the new environment. See the video below of what’s new with iOS 9:

Images from Pixabay and Shutterstock.



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