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Apple Annoys Users With Dynamic iOS 9 Keyboard

Apple Annoys Users With Dynamic iOS 9 Keyboard

by P. H. MadoreJuly 14, 2015

Keyboards have always had uppercase letters to denote what each key does. Before the smartphone revolution, this would not have even been a consideration.

In Apple’s new iteration of its mobile operating system, it has decided that when the user is in lower-case, the keys will be lower-case, and vice-versa. The decision was apparently not made to save space, as the shift key is still present and necessary to switch to uppercase. Rather, it is a stylistic decision that is being received with a mixture of approval and annoyance.

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Some users, it seems, have gotten used to the always-uppercase quirk of the Apple mobile experience, while others welcome the change.



The feature has existed for quite some time in Android devices, without any ability to natively switch to the way that Apple and most keyboards throughout history do it.


Jailbroken iPhones have also had this feature for some time. It is unclear as to whether the feature will eventually have the ability to disable it. What is clear is that iPhone users still have no choice in their keyboard, and must use the included one or jailbreak to increase functionality. This is in contrast to Android devices, which allow for a multitude of keyboard apps to be installed for various purposes.

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