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Anonymous Takes Down Thousands of Islamic State Twitter Accounts Overnight

Anonymous Takes Down Thousands of Islamic State Twitter Accounts Overnight

by P. H. MadoreNovember 18, 2015

Despite being called “idiots” by the Islamic State after declaring “total war” on the expressly terrorist organization, hacktivist group Anonymous has already taken down more than a few thousand pro-ISIL Twitter accounts. Two days into the keyboard war and Anonymous claims to have gained control of roughly 5,500 ISIS-related Twitter accounts.

The group has also created a new website which will be utilized for allowing everyday Internet citizens to report ISIL social media accounts not already on the legendary hacker group’s radar as well as other information. Currently, the site is locked down behind username and password, but presumably will be made more public in the future. Inquiring on the operation’s chat room yielded that, at time of writing, the page was down. No further details were provided.

On Tuesday, a list of primary targets was published to Pastebin, purportedly the most active and effective social media propagandists that ISIS / Daesh has. Going down the list in one’s browser makes it plain that many, if not all, of these accounts have now been suspended by Twitter. The vast social media presence of the Islamic State has largely been silently assented to by the mainstream media in the wake of the Paris attacks, while cryptographic technologies have come under “renewed” or “increased” scrutiny.

Social Media Not All There Is To It

Over the years, members of Anonymous have been involved in high-profile hacks including the leaking of documents from high-profile defense contractor Stratfor, which provided cyber security services to the government at the time. The size of Anonymous is unknown by design, but it can be presumed, given some of their achievements, that the group’s membership is broad in skills and prowess.

Once considered an enemy of the National Security state, Anonymous now acts in favor of world security, rather than just that of the United States. It’s not insane to believe that in a better world, some of these people would be employed, rather than hunted, by democratic governments of supposedly free countries.

Like any skill, hacking can be used to harm or help, and Anonymous by and large has chosen pursuits which contribute to a better world, and have challenged truly evil men at every turn since the early part of this decade. Those who wish to aid in the war effort are urged to join the chat room here in order to see what contributions are most needed at this time.

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