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Anonymous Publishes Baltimore P.D. E-Mail & Passwords in Response to Freddie Gray

Anonymous Publishes Baltimore P.D. E-Mail & Passwords in Response to Freddie Gray

by P. H. MadoreJune 26, 2015

man anonymousIs Anonymous making a comeback? The loosely organized conglomerate of worldwide hacktivists – hackers who are politically motivated – has been on the offensive in recent months.

The group forced the Vineland, New Jersey police department to make public the names of the officers responsible for the brutal killing of an unarmed black man via K9. More recently, the group claims to have come into possession of seven members of the Baltimore Police Department’s e-mail address login information.

Other organizations have said that by the following day, the credentials were no longer working and are using this as grounds to insinuate that the details could have been fabricated from the beginning. While this is a possibility, it is likely that if Anonymous had access previously, they will be publishing anything of interest in due order.

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Freddie Gray Killers Indicted

All six of the police officers who were involved in the killing of Freddie Gray have been charged. Five were charged with involuntary manslaughter, while the driver of the transport van has been charged with second degree murder.

These charges have served to quell the swelling protests which ensued following the death of the 25-year-old unarmed black man, who by all accounts had at no point challenged police authority or threatened their safety. Protest rocked the city of Baltimore for a week following his death, starting in West Baltimore, where he was initially arrested, and spreading to the rest of the city. The protests seemed to be more in response to the brutality of the department in general than they were in response to Gray’s death in particular.

Also a DDoS

The revealing of the e-mail address login information was not the only thing Anonymous-affiliated hackers have done in response to the death of Freddie Gray. The group also claimed to have, at one point, knocked the Baltimore City government’s website offline in a distributed denial of service attack, although it was not sustained for an overwhelming length of time.

It seems that Anonymous has been making a comeback, after all, with more activity in recent months than usual. The decentralized group has no leaders, no clear enemies, and typically only acts in response to high-profile cases, such as the death of Freddie Gray and other wrongful deaths at the hands of police. It is hard not to admire people who put their very freedom on the line in favor of those they may not even know, breaking into computer systems being a serious crime in all jurisdictions.

The killing of Freddie Gray marks the most serious event of 2015 so far, with a curfew being imposed by the mayor and the governor of Maryland declaring a state of emergency and deploying the national guard. Activists nationwide poured into the city streets to aid the locals, who see this movement as merely the culmination of a long history of events with police in Baltimore regularly, allegedly denying their rights and engaging in unlawful conduct.

The Grand Jury indictment of the officers involved was a first, important step in the right direction for Baltimore’s city government. What becomes of the officers at trial will determine whether the backlash is over or not.

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  • someone

    They were created as controlled opposition (like Alex Jones, David icke, mark shouldice, English defence league (tony Robinson) etc etc but I believe this one got out of their control like the edl did. Tony boy will show his face again, an agent of the devil!

    There’s good people everywhere, even in the halls of power but they have no power over the ones at the top! Control through centralisation,just like the block chain is today 🙁

    Its been fun all, but the ‘goldielocks’ period is over! The noose is tightening!

  • jrzero

    Somone posted something about the black panthers on and the site was immediatly takin down.How about posting info about black panthers names and addresses

  • Most of the time I don’t like Anonymous hackers