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Anonymous Elder Pleads for An End to In-Fighting

Anonymous Elder Pleads for An End to In-Fighting

by P. H. MadoreNovember 4, 2015

A member of Anonymous named Anon99, who claims to have been part of the group since its early days, has come out asking for a cease fire to a recent bout of in-fighting which he believes threatens the group’s future.

The anonymous writer has been blogging about the group’s interests rather irregularly since 2012. Last week he or she wrote a post entitled “How to Destroy Anonymous.” The writer detailed how they’d come to know of the group, and mentioned that they were an activist for years before the group started its antics around the time of the Occupy movement. Anonymous itself is a concept that precedes Occupy by some time, having originated on 4Chan.

The writer does not get too specific about the people he believes are toxic to Anonymous, but he does mention their behavior, what to watch out for:

Those people who CALL themselves Anons, but constantly whisper evil rumors in DM chats, behind the back of the person they are attacking, should be blocked, banned, ostracized. They are the dead, infected tissue in the body of Anonymous that if they are allowed to continue, will cause sepsis , will kill the host.

It’s certainly true that in-fighting and unnecessary drama are the punishing blow for many groups dedicated to change. It is obvious that a united front which is not eroded by internal actors who strike from within is better than one which does suffer such antics.

Inevitable Mishaps

However, various people have at times made the group look bad by striking at the wrong targets. An article titled “A Brief History of Anonymous Outing the Wrong Person” gives the run down of Anonymous wallseveral times members who claimed to be part of the group managed to name the wrong person for a given crime. The most notable time this happened was when a user called @TheAnonMessage identified the wrong person as the author of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri.

The individual who was named had their life put in danger, despite innocence. Moreover, this happened despite protests from other members of the group, who weren’t convinced based on the evidence at hand. The damage had already been done by the time Twitter deleted the account. For their part, the group called out @TheAnonMessage.

The motivations for doing something like that, without being sure, can only be personal in nature. @TheAnonMessage wanted to be the first to out Michael Brown’s killer, plain and simple. It later turned out it was Officer Darren Wilson, and Wilson was exonerated without by a Grand Jury, never standing trial and receiving a large sum of money from donors around the country.

Anon99 is afraid for the future of Anonymous. He believes that the in-fighting is reaching a critical mass, but will stick around out of respect for other old hats in the crew, people he admires who make him feel “small” by comparison.

Out of respect for people like @YourAnonNews, @Anonorpheus , @AnonRoughCoitus, @touche172, @xBADD1x, @YourAnonCentral, @AnonyMiss2209 , @_An0nymou5 , @UnknownH4X0R, and so many, many thousands more, I will try to hang in here as long as I can. […] So, I am asking just a simple request. Show Respect. If you do not respect a fellow Anon, unfollow and block. Trying to tear them down does not build you up…it just makes you look obsessed and filled with a poisoned soul. […] We have worked far too hard, seen brothers like Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, Matt DeHart go to prison for just trying to help, to see this thing we call Anonymous go down the drain because of a few miscreants whose aim is just to disrupt.

It bears reminding that Anonymous is actually an idea, rather than an organized group. It’s very hard to kill an idea, but you can pollute it with so much disinformation that people will not want to associate themselves with it anymore. It could be that Anon99 believes that very thing is happening. Time will tell, but for now Anonymous appears as relevant as ever, most recently exposing as many as 1,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan.

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  • Lynna

    The good Anons outnumber the bad ones by millions as far as I have seen…because there is no authority per se in the Collective, because of this it is difficult if not impossible to control what the bad ones do. What we good ones have to do is to keep on with spreading love and respect, and ostracizing the bad as we find them. I am new and have only been in since July 2015, but my Anon friends are excellent and dedicated to the good for the whole world. Just keep on keepin on is what we have to do…I don’t think Anonymous can ever die, there are too many dedicated ones and more everyday are joining us.

    • Clare O

      exactly. there are rotten people everywhere, and it doesn’t mean humanity is circling the drain. just another misfit writing trying to figuratively sell an article for change and fame. ideas don’t die; neither does the desire for freedom!

  • Information/disinformation can be planted to discredit… Is the pastebin release real? or was it not what it seemed to be?