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Anonymous Blackmails New Jersey Police into Reasonable Conduct

Anonymous Blackmails New Jersey Police into Reasonable Conduct

by P. H. MadoreApril 13, 2015

Three days ago, members of Anonymous went public regarding the recent, brutal killing  of unarmed Phillip White by a Vineland, New Jersey K-9 unit.

Officers involved claimed that White was out of control at the time of his death, but video evidence revealed otherwise, showing the man laying on the ground, compliant in every sense of the word. The officers allowed the German Shepard with them to maul the African American to death just a few yards from his home.

Below is how the local news reported the incident. Notice the break from the usual “cops got to do what cops got to do” mantra. Instead, real reporting takes place, even gaining the shocked commentary of a cop far senior to any of those involved, who gave them cause to say:

Our law enforcement says that demand [for the cell phone capturing the murder] was inappropriate and police have no right to take anyone’s cell phone because they are recording uniformed police officers making an arrest.

You Should Have Expected Us

Though many throughout the security and technology communities have in recent times chalked Anonymous up to a very bad joke due to things like its bullying of the BBC, the following video could be seen as a return to the hacktivist group’s roots. In this case, they got results, with some of their demands being met.

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As you can see, the group makes plain what will become of the department if it does not comply. Not only will all of the personal information of every officer involved be released, but:

For every hour these names are not released, we will release a name and all personal information, beginning with the Cumberland County Prosecutor, to the last member hired by the Vineland Police Department. We will also begin cyber attacks on your websites & your databases until our demands are met.

anonWithin a few days, the public would have all the information it needed to exact justice on its own. But, the by the time the deadline came, the police had decided not to comply. That was when, on Tuesday, the names, addresses, and phone numbers of Officer Louis Platania and Officer Jeffrey Travaline were released via a known Anonymous hacking dump. Platania is the one you see holding the dog’s leash, clearly able to call him off before the fatal blows occur. Travaline is the one who tries to destroy evidence.

The local police union lawyer, Stuart Alterman, told the local news that the dead man had been demonstrating “super human strength.” He must have taken a page from the case of Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot and killed an 18-year-old Mike Brown last year and was cleared by a Grand Jury of wrongdoing. One of the hallmarks of the case was Wilson’s post-court statement to the news media that Brown “looked like a demon.”

The dispatch recordings of the events tell a convoluted story, and we will leave it up to the readers to make sense of them from here. One thing is clear: the video shows the man under control while the audio demonstrates the police trying to convince their superiors that they were under duress. Overuse of deadly force by police in this country is at an all-time high, and it’s nice to see Anonymous make a comeback, however minor, to push events in justice-minded direction.

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  • RJF

    Not saying anything for or against the actors in the incident but, I don’t see the Police Dog doing anything that would have killed a full grown human male. Perhaps I’m missing something but, where does that occur in the video? And, to the author of the article, many drugs can produce the appearance of “super human strength” especially PCP. Not saying drugs were involved but, just generalizing that the FACTS in this incident are not yet quantified.

    • Underbridge

      It’s not shown on the NBC clip, of course…

      You can see the fatal injuries from 0:30 – 0:50 in the actual video on youtoob. He seems to become unconscious and there’s certainly enough of a mauling to kill him through loss of blood, although I suspect immediate first aid might have kept him alive.
      Needless to say, the cops don’t bother with first aid.

  • oakmaster

    Ya this how police have policed for years and nobody would listen now that the video proof is becoming available IT’S O MY GOD when the officers behind the bade start acting and be treated like they are not above the law that’s when change will still if a cop goes to jail they are protected from the general population well they are not a cop put them in the cage just like any of the rest of us if anything they should get more time for doing what they took a oath to up hold I

    • DougNJ

      And that was all one sentence.

      • DCmehome

        A sentence requires completion with a period. It appears that the author perhaps speaks out loud while he types and ran out of air after the personal pronoun, “I”. Alternatively, he was using this literary technique to offer the reader the opportunity to run-on thinking as the first person.
        In either case, this is the finest example of a run-on incomplete thought I’ve seen in some time.

        • Underbridge

          “…to offer the reader the opportunity to run-on thinking as the first person.”

          Is there a missing verb here? Because when you criticise someone else’s (on-topic!) sentence structure you really need to be squeaky-clean yourself.

          • DCmehome

            You are correct. And, you are wrong. The verb, thinking, was there. The tense, present progressive, was inappropriate.

          • DCmehome

            I believe I responded to the person criticizing the on-topic comment in the same vein that you criticized me. The irony is hard to miss.

          • Underbridge

            Oh. My bad, and my apologies. I thought you were snarking Oakmaster.

          • DCmehome

            Actually, your point is well taken. It was a good article and I could have brought the conversation back on-topic more skillfully.

  • Jim Brown

    Another (victimless) crime stopped .
    (although, that guy on the ground looks like a victim of crime to me)
    Well, wait a minute ….. what’s wrong with this picture? Who are the criminals here?

    All slaves around the world should be grateful that our masters care enough
    about our well-being to provide these “proud boys-in-blue” to protect us from ourselves .

    “To Protect and Serve” …… WHO???

    The “good Cops” are leaving their profession in record numbers,
    leaving behind nothing but a big gang of insane sociopaths with guns.
    Any cop who does NOTHING to stop this type of incident needs to be
    shot dead on the spot with no warning, no hesitation, no discussion.

    They are obviously brainwashed beyond any hope of recovery.

    If you think this is “Hate Speech” you are brainwashed too. YEAH, THAT MEANS YOU.

    This is very simply a situation of killing a 6-foot long rattle snake where your children play.
    The snake doesn’t know he’s doing anything wrong,
    but you can’t plead with the snake to not bite your children,
    he’s not responsible for his actions,
    just like these Cops will tell you that they are “just following orders”,
    I’m not personally responsible in any way.

    Welcome to the New World Order.