Angry Birds 2 Getting Positive Reviews

The sequel to Angry Birds is receiving significantly positive reviews. In a review titled “Angry Birds 2 review: 5 reasons why fans should flock to the sequel,” the author writes:

Developer Rovio has pulled out all of the stops to deliver a follow-up that towers over its predecessors and restores the series to its past glory. […] Most importantly, Angry Birds 2 will fill you with a burning desire to play through one more level every time you complete a stage, or retry that level you’re stuck on yet again to wipe the smug grins off those pigs’ faces.

In another review, on another site, titled “‘Angry Birds 2’ Review – The Best, and Most Free to Play ‘Angry Birds’ Yet,” the author says of the new installation in the series:

Most noticeably, the visuals in Angry Birds 2 are greatly improved. Both the pigs and the birds are far more emotive, particularly with the addition of a picture-in-picture close-up in the top left corner of the screen when you’re about to fling a bird which will show the bird grimacing in anger, or the pigs quivering in fear. […] It’s not at all hyperbole to say this is the best looking Angry Birds yet.

However, not all reviews are positive. Several reviews focused on the freemium model, such as this one in Forbes, which reads, in part:

Unfortunately, for all the nice changes and innovations to the Angry Birds formula, Angry Birds 2 stalls rather quickly thanks to its poor implementation of in-app purchases. […] Perhaps I’m an impatient mobile gamer, but I dislike being told I have to wait to play a game. I mean, I dislike load screens—and find the continuance of these in modern video game consoles a failure of the industry—but I despise the forced wait that only free-to-play games impose upon us.

There are still others which criticize the game on its aethestics, such as this one, which reads:

But with Angry Birds 2, the thirteenth game in the franchise since 2009, there’s a clear regression in many ways, despite the impressive art upgrade.

For the overwhelming part, though, people have come out saying that the new game is superior to previous renditions by far, and that it is worth playing. This has become the ultimate question with games anymore: are they worth playing? The jury seems to be in on Angry Birds 2, and despite some negative comments surrounded by positive affirmations, the verdict seems to be that the game is worth a try.

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