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Analysis: Dash, Ethereum, Iconico, Litecoin, Augur, Bitcoin, Monero, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Zcash

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Analysis: Dash, Ethereum, Iconico, Litecoin, Augur, Bitcoin, Monero, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Zcash


This article was posted on Wednesday, 07:55, UTC.


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Dash has had a great couple days, but is no within sight of a 3rd arc pair at ~$150.  Likely will correct soon.

Ethereum Classic

ETC has also had a great few days.  A 5th arc pair is nearby at ~ $14.  It may be late to chase this one also.


ETH, like the preceding coins, has had a great few days, but is now within eyesight of a 5th arc pair at ~$180.  It seems a bit late to chase this one also.


ICNETH rallied as soon as it exited the 2nd arc pair. I tweeted this breakout at the time.  It looks like it has some more upside to go.  Might be a good trade opportunity still.


LTC found support at a Gann angle.  I tweeted this support at the time.  Targets are 3rd arc pair at $37, and then the 5th arc pair, $57, if the 3rd arc pair falls.


REP has been a sleeper that went vertical the other day.  It is poised to rally back to the 5th arc pair at ~ $40.  Might be a good trade opportunity.


XBT just keeps on rolling past every resistance in it’s way.  It corrects where it should, but the corrections are always short and shallow.  After adjusting my scale, the next serious resistance seems to be at a 5th arc pair at ~$2500.  Pretty round number…

Stellar Lumens

XLM has gotten through the arc that stopped its advance a few days ago. A rally to ~ .075 seems likely.  This might be a good trade opportunity.


XMR has done well the past few days.  It is facing a 4th arc pair which will likely cause it to correct.  But the 5th arc pair is a better target at ~ $70.  This might be a good trade opportunity.


XRP broke free of the arc that had held her for a few days.  I tweeted the breakout.  But though the rally that followed was sweet, the correction seems deeper than I expected.  I’m not sure I’m comfortable with being long here. If you are long watch this carefully.


ZEC corrected hard following its dramatic rise. This might be a good trade opportunity.  The 5th arc pair is way up by $350.


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Jim Fredrickson

Jim Fredrickson

Jim has an MBA from the University of Southern California. He has had a long career in both Corporate Finance and IT. Along the way he discovered that trading was a vehicle with great promise, but struggled for a long time without a mentor. After having been knocked down many times and having struggled to get back up, he had an epiphany and realized that geometry was a solution. He shares his experience here. If you do well as a result of suggestions made here, feel free to say thank you :) BTC: 1FUq3GB1Q8zz2JpuBr7YHzVBKnaWoxgmya Follow him on Twitter (@jimfred1276) or email him at jimfred1276 at gmail.

  • user

    AUTHOR leveler

    Posted on 8:07 am May 24, 2017.

    So Which coin is the best for short term investment between Augur and Stellar Lumens?

    • user

      AUTHOR chorez

      Posted on 7:58 pm May 24, 2017.

      Augur is kind of low volume at the moment and stellar actually fell back into the resistant zone. I think monero will have the major spike today. in 3 hours there is a major announcement coming https://twitter.com/fluffyponyza/status/867362460797480961

      • user

        AUTHOR leveler

        Posted on 1:31 am May 25, 2017.

        Monero have a major announcement?
        I bought Monero. How do you think about Monero?
        Is this bounce up or not? 🙂

        • user

          AUTHOR chorez

          Posted on 1:58 am May 25, 2017.

          Announcement was already made. It was a scam pretty much. https://twitter.com/fluffyponyza/status/867514780617236480 . He wanted to wake up all hype driven investor. Thats why there ware the huge dip at 7 PM (new york time )

          • user

            AUTHOR leveler

            Posted on 2:08 am May 25, 2017.

            So how do you think about Monero?
            Monero will be recovered their price? 🙁
            Never bounce up again? I need stop loss?

        • user

          AUTHOR chorez

          Posted on 2:17 am May 25, 2017.

          I don’t know. My trade was news driven… I lost some, but could sell early and then shorted. I think it could take a long while to recover. I’d cut my losses. Sorry

  • user

    AUTHOR birmas

    Posted on 8:57 am May 24, 2017.

    Is there an article here that details what the arc pairs are all about? I can’t find it in the tutorials area.

  • user

    AUTHOR Ralazo

    Posted on 9:14 am May 24, 2017.

    Jim. Thanks for your analysis.
    I hope you can be more active on Twitter with proper buy or sell signals.


  • user

    AUTHOR kamelsf

    Posted on 10:37 am May 24, 2017.

    Hi, I’m new in here (I’m a newby ), I really like your blog, thank you to share some tips with us, this is a great blog.
    The arc you drawing in your analysis charts to make your predictions, is it the Fibonacci Arcs method ? I just like to know the name of this method to try to learn by myself 🙂
    Thanks again 🙂

  • user

    AUTHOR Noor Sale

    Posted on 11:02 am May 24, 2017.

    best signals I have ever seen
    Iwish you show time

  • user

    AUTHOR miguelangmoli

    Posted on 4:03 pm May 24, 2017.

    hello comments on ETC? It seems it’s trading at 24$ in Korea, but on bitfinex it seems is returning back to $14. Please advise.

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 10:55 pm May 24, 2017.

      If it were me, I would just trade on one of the big exchanges and not be messing around with a small regional exchange, unless it was to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. (Sell at $24, buy at $14 at the same time.)

  • user

    AUTHOR Jeremi Fisher

    Posted on 5:02 pm May 24, 2017.

    I been buying/mining Monero for a while. I still see Monero getting to a $2 billion+ cap. Thoughts?

  • user

    AUTHOR Ershad

    Posted on 11:36 pm May 24, 2017.

    Hi Jim,

    I made a mistake and bought XRP at 0.34, do you think that the price is going to fall even further and I should sale to cut my losses or is there another spike coming ?

    Thanks Jim

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 11:40 pm May 24, 2017.

      imho, buying at .34 was not a mistake. It feels bad at the moment, but 3 weeks from now (again, imho) you will be bragging to your friends that you bought at .34. I am buying at these prices still. We will see…

  • user

    AUTHOR leveler

    Posted on 1:45 am May 25, 2017.

    Hi Jim,
    How do you think about Monero after Announcement?
    Almost people told XMR is dead.
    I need your advice.

  • user

    AUTHOR miguelangmoli

    Posted on 3:01 am May 25, 2017.

    hi Jim,

    I also did the mistake of having bought news on Monero, and I’m -12.000 USD on Monero, and I don’t know if I should keep it and if it would drop much more, because I thought it was over, but it seems it can still go down.

    Regarding zCash, and Ripple at 0.3$, do you find it a good trade opportunity?


  • user

    AUTHOR miguelangmoli

    Posted on 3:11 am May 25, 2017.

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for all your help, I was able to remember your words and try to analyse the situation even on a “desperate” situation, and what I found is that I’m going to do a great trade with Monero. As we can observe, the buy side is really strong while the the sell side is almost clear until 70+, which makes me believe that this is a whole strategy to liquidate margin calls and weak hands.


  • user

    AUTHOR Ritesh Sheth

    Posted on 5:57 am May 25, 2017.

    should I buy Ripple (XRP) to trade for short time 0.24, I have already brought few for 0.29

  • user

    AUTHOR amirheavy666

    Posted on 7:46 am May 25, 2017.

    Hi jim what’s happen for market … all of investor zoom in bitcoin ??? now sell all other altcoin or wait ?????

    the market was 91B$ and went 86B$ and after all altcoin had decrease and bitcoin had more increase

    what’s happen? any news?

    • user

      AUTHOR Jim Fredrickson

      Posted on 8:47 am May 25, 2017.

      Yes, it feels like bitcoin is getting all the money and attention the past few days. But that won’t last much longer. Bitcoin is hyper-extended and ready to fall over.

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