AERUM Has The Potential To Take Blockchain To The Next Level

Now that cryptocurrencies have entered a bear market, I prefer to spend most of my time looking at projects that have the potential to fundamentally change the landscape.  Technology was always the underlying reason why cryptocurrencies soared in the first place.  2017 was certainly an exciting time for crypto traders but during that mania, I think many lost sight of the original reason why crypto existed.  Lambos are awesome but long-lasting technology that makes our world a better place is even better.

Limits Tested

During the peak of the crypto boom, transactions were increasing at an exponential rate.  This was mainly due to increased adoption by enterprises, institutional traders, and retail traders.  The problem is that blockchain simply wasn’t ready for primetime.  During that period, the networks became bottlenecked and struggled to keep up with the demand.

Crypto token holders usually like to brag about how fast their network transaction speeds are, especially in comparison to traditional payment methods.  The visual below shows where transaction speeds currently are.

As one can clearly see, VISA, perhaps the most mainstream of all payment methods, is still king.  But, to be fair, crypto is still in the very early phase of adoption so this will certainly change over time.

Ethereum is of particular interest as it certainly faces a few hurdles that need to be addressed.  Those include the following:

  • Speed – 20 transactions per second isn’t going to cut it going forward
  • Cost – During the crypto boom, GAS costs continued to increase in price
  • Scalability – The typical size of a blockchain block is 1 MB.  The attempts to increase the block size have proven extremely difficult thus far.  As an alternative, start-up companies are using hybrid models to allow for much faster transactions.  The hope is that these models will vastly improve scalability.


AERUM is a blockchain platform that provides a complete infrastructure for permission-less financial applications serving a decentralized economy.  This platform will include real-time and free transactions to consumers with nearly unlimited scalability.

As outlined above, AERUM has the potential to solve Ethereum’s current issues of speed, cost, and scalability.  The good thing is that AERUM doesn’t have to replace Ethereum to do so.  All it must do is complement the existing structure.

Many promising applications have already been built on the Ethereum network.  Imagine if those applications could benefit from the following:

  • Decentralization
  • Scalability from 500 to 100,000+ TPS
  • 5 second transaction time
  • 2 second block time
  • Free transactions for customers
  • API for APPS and E-Commerce

Well, AERUM will offer that and more.

Upcoming Catalysts

In a bear market, such as the one we are currently in, crypto traders really need to pay attention to important catalysts that could help drive prices.  On AERUM’s homepage, the company’s roadmap is laid out in great detail and there is a lot to look forward to.

The company’s ITO sale (Symbol: XRM) will end in January 2019 so now is the time to look at that opportunity.  Shortly after the token sale is complete, AERUM plans to list on crypto exchanges and release its web based and mobile wallets.  Version 1.0 of the company’s blockchain platform is currently expected to be launched in July 2019.  That platform launch will undoubtedly be a milestone event for both AERUM and the industry.  Currently, V1.0 plans to include a decentralized governance, collateral gateway, and a stable token integration.

When it comes to ITOs/ICOs, investors always want to know what the company plans to do with the proceeds.  AERUM currently plans to use the capital for the following:

  • Protocol Development – 40%
  • Education & Grants – 30%
  • Operations & Marketing – 15%
  • Community & Adoption – 15%

Institutional Investment

When it comes to investing (in all types of financial markets), I always feel a lot better knowing that institutional money is involved.  Institutions spend countless hours, days, weeks, and months performing due diligence before making an investment, especially in a start-up.

In November, AERUM announced a long-term strategic partnership with Crypto Global Capital.  As part of this partnership, AERUM will receive a $1 million investment that will be used for business development.

Alastair Lidel, Crypto Global Capital’s Head of Investments had this to say about the partnership: “AERUM is truly a groundbreaking technology that the industry is already starting to realize.  I couldn’t be happier to be working with Alex and the team and to be able to help take them to their rightful position – number 1.”


Although crypto is in a bear market, the days of glory will return.  And when that time comes, it’s imperative that blockchain technology be able to handle all the transactions and increased adoption that will surely come with it.  AERUM’s platform may prove to be a big key in making that happen.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.