AdToken Update; AdEx Plodding Along

If we put AdToken (ADT) and AdEx (ADX) in the same exact category, one is definitely outperforming the other on every metric. We didn’t review AdEx here at Hacked during its ICO phase, but we did AdToken, and we do understand the massive potential for disruption that the data and advertising industries represent.

We think the thing dragging AdToken down is a lack of much movement in the actual implementation phase. The AdToken platform relies on people to verify good advertisers which are not participating in click manipulation and other things. We take a look at their blog, and we don’t find a lot of results. We hear news of some events, including the following passage from August 17th:

Good news! MetaX and ConsenSys have structured the build out phase of the adChain ecosystem, and we’re now ready to kick off development in earnest. We’ve put together a rockstar team and a development timeline that adToken holders will love.

What we don’t see are sufficient results after more than 60 days. As such, we’re slicing off a half-point in hopes that we don’t need to anticipate future reductions. We believe the potential of AdToken still remains, but mover advantage is going to slip if some significant progress indicators are not achieved soon. Thus we’ll have to keep a closer eye on them to see if they earn this half-point back or merit a further reduction. We limit the reduction to this because the market seems to have more patience than we are having, maintaining a price not too far from the initial offering rate with comfortable volumes.

We think that in the fall we should see significant developments from AdToken which will hopefully replace this half-point reduction or at least maintain its new rating of 6. Short sellers still holding are going to have wait a bit longer for exit, as the first opportunity passed on August 11th when market capitalization reached its current all-time high of over $51 million.

AdEx Going Multi-Platform; Price Seems Firmer

AdEx recently came out with some very interesting news: their application is going to support both the NEO and the Ethereum blockchains, a first in tokenized systems as well as a testament to their technical aptitude. From their blog:

However, this does not mean that we have lost trust in Ethereum or that we would be running away from it. The AdEx decentralized app (DApp) will support both the NEO and ERC20 token standards, i.e. it will run on both NEO and Ethereum. […] We will ensure that the АDX tokens are seamlessly convertible between the two standards. The seamless NEO to ERC20 and ERC20 to NEO transfer will be carried out through Oracle smart contracts that monitor the token contract in the other blockchain.

Chart-wise, AdEx has followed a (delayed) similar pattern as AdToken has followed, but its results have been variably much better. As you can see, it’s currently resting quite a bit higher than it began in the market. We do feel bad for anyone who bought in at over $2, though, because we see a recovery to that level as dependent on the overall crypto market’s recovery, firstly, and secondly on other factors we would rate the token on.

AdEx offers a much more direct approach to disrupting advertising: provide a decentralized exchange of participants. We think the current price or anything beneath it probably represents a buy signal for AdEx, considering the ability of its team to make quick, hard decisions which yield a better product. We figure that like AdToken, it’s a matter of actual product success. Both have some self-discovery and execution ahead of them, but AdEx might ultimately bring more of the marketing industry’s dollars than will AdToken.



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