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5 Things to Watch Next Week: North Korea, the BOC, Ethereum, the Euro, and the US Consumer

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5 Things to Watch Next Week: North Korea, the BOC, Ethereum, the Euro, and the US Consumer


This article was posted on Sunday, 15:10, UTC.

1.            Trump Turns to North Korea Again? After the recent test of an alleged ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), and more verbal attacks from both sides, the US-North Korean stand-off could take another turn next week. Mr. Trump will return from a crucial G-20 meeting, and given his track record of “at least one outrageous tweet a week” the North Korean threat will likely take center stage again. As we already stated, the current status quo is fragile and there is no easy solution to the situation, so we expect tensions to rise further before anything substantial happens. That said, a…

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