4 Things To Do After the Yahoo Hack
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4 Things To Do After the Yahoo Hack

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4 Things To Do After the Yahoo Hack


This article was posted on Tuesday, 13:10, UTC.

Yahoo recently announced that over 500 million usernames and passwords have been hacked in 2014. While this incident purportedly happened years ago, this may still affect the security of your Yahoo account.

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Here are four important things to do after the comprehensive Yahoo hack:

1. Change your password

As this hack particularly targets passwords, immediately change your password. In case you use the same password in your other web accounts, change them as well. Hackers can use the passwords they hacked from Yahoo to access other web accounts.

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2. Turn On Yahoo’s two-step verification

The two-step verification is an added layer of protection for your email account. To turn on the two-step verification, do the following steps:

• Sign in to your Yahoo account
• On the personal info page, click on the “Account security”
• In the “Two-step verification” section, click the “On” icon
• Enter your mobile number
• To enable this verification process, you need to click on the “Send SMS” button. A Yahoo verification code will then be sent to your mobile phone. Enter this verification code and then click on the “Verify” button.

3. Stop using password by setting up Yahoo account key

Tired of having too many passwords? Replace your password with Yahoo’s account key by doing the following steps: a) Go to your Yahoo profile; b) Look for the key symbol and click on it, and c) Follow the setup account key process.

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To sign in using Yahoo’s account key, you only need to enter your username. Click on the “Next” button and then check your mobile phone for a notification to approve access.

4. Be vigilant about online fraud

Right after any major hack, watch out for credit card fraud, identity theft and other types of online fraud by regularly checking your bank statements. Be cautious as well about any phone call or email asking for your personal information. These calls or emails may come from hackers to gather more information about you.

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