4 Steps to Getting the Most for Your Security Budget

4-steps-to-maximizing-security-cybersecurityIt is common knowledge among professional IT security personnel that their network must be compromised. It is only a matter of time. They are also aware that their capacity to respond to security attacks is just as important as their capacity to prevent attacks. The current endpoint defenses and traditional network are not strong enough at not allowing investigation or remediating current attacks that are targeted.

Advanced security is thus required to counter cyber threats of today. Furthermore, solutions for advanced security are a form of a strategic business venture which is sure to return dividends in less than two years. There is the need to think in line with your executives if you desire to make an investing case for protection from advanced threats. You will have to begin by setting the problem up properly as well as highlighting the risks and challenges you are going to encounter with proper security put in place.

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1. Problem Setup

Cyber attackers’ targeted tactics can’t be prevented or detected by conventional defenses. Furthermore, a lot of IT security departments lack the necessary equipment to prioritize and investigate alerts properly. The lack of necessary equipment further makes it difficult to investigate the attacks in a timely manner when they occur. The two factors listed above is the major difference between stopping an attack and experiencing an embarrassing successful attack.

Experiencing a cyber-attack is a very expensive ordeal for a business to go through. Some of the issues you will go through when you experience a cyber-attack include:

  • Paying legal fees
  • Your revenue will plummet
  • Your public relations would need to address the public
  • You will have to respond to the incident
  • You might have to pay fines
  • Your competitors will have an edge
  • You will have to notify your customers

2. What Are The Real Needs Of Your Organization

The next step would be to discuss the solution for advanced security you will need to solve the problems listed above. You will need to put in place a solution for advanced security for your organization that involves intelligence sharing amongst the 3 main components which include:

  • Threat visibility that is network based
  • Visibility for endpoint threat
  • Forensics for investigation and analysis.

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3. Solutions For Advanced Security Impact Assessment

Now that the right equipment to stop, investigate or repair threats that are advanced has been ascertained, you should highlight the cost of setting it up. You would thus have to outline in details the financial implication of setting up the solutions for the advanced security. You should also outline what the organization stands to gain from the solution. This would help in convincing you on the need for the advanced security. The 3 steps for the impact assessment include:

  • Prevention which helps to eliminate expenses as a result of a breach
  • Detection which helps in knowing about a breach, the instance it occurs and
  • Remediation which is reacting appropriately and immediately, to reduce as much as possible, the financial loss from the breach.

4. Business Case Building

You can employ the basic and comprehensive approach for your solution for advanced security. In the basic approach, you compare what you stand to gain for putting in place a solution for advanced security against what you stand to lose when the advanced security is not put in place.

In the comprehensive approach, you calculate a Return on Investment for a full featured solution for advanced security with productivity gains in perspective in a more complicated way.


In conclusion, putting in place a solution for advanced security is always advisable. This is due to the fact that every system is at risk of being attacked especially when there is a targeted attack. The risk of being targeted increases with how popular your organization is. Putting in place a solution for advanced security entails 4 main steps which are: problem set up, what are the real needs of your organization, solutions for advanced security impact assessment and business case building.

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