Our 22 Members in the 33% Club Have Gained More Than $123 000

A whopping 22 Gold Members have already joined the 33% Club pledging to invest a certain percentage of their monthly income. I’m investing 33% myself. What is more astonishing is the gains certain members have seen, and nearly no losses. If you want to make a similar pledge and join the club, look up “33% Club” on Workplace – our exclusive Hacked.com community.

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For June I placed my investment in a corporate bond fund called Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC. In the coming months I’ll invest in different assets and diversify my portfolio. As of now, I’m quite happy with my first three initial investments in the same corporate bond fund.

Why did I create the 33% Club?

First off, this is not a trading club, and it shouldn’t be either. The goal with the 33% Club is to impose a different view on investing and trading. Most people do not have the time to trade on a daily basis, and most day traders lose money due to volatile markets. It is way simpler to invest in assets you believe in, and then “forget the investment”. You are allowed to change assets, but that shouldn’t be a frequent operation. The 33% Club will make you feel more comfortable with investing, and you only invest what you can lose. Hopefully, you will make money in the end (a lot..)

This is not a “short term investment strategy” from my side. I’ll keep my investments, and keep investing on a monthly basis, for years to come. In a market crash, it is better to keep buying shares or similar assets as they get cheaper. It is an opportunity, not a loss. For active traders, it can be hard to take the right decisions since you become too attached to your assets. That won’t happen in the 33% Club, as you continuously invest on a monthly basis.

In a few weeks we will do a livestream/discussion on workplace to have a meet & greet for the members in the 33% Club. If you haven’t already joined, do it now.

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