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In 2016, 1Gbps DDoS Attacks Are the New Norm

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In 2016, 1Gbps DDoS Attacks Are the New Norm


This article was posted on Tuesday, 19:51, UTC.

   The first six months of 2016 have shown that DDoS attacks are only escalating in their frequency as well as their scale, according to the latest global report by DDoS mitigation firm Arbor Networks. A DDoS report released by software firm Netscout’s DDoS mitigation arm Arbor Networks has revealed the single largest attack observed, registering at a massive 579Gbps. That’s a 73 percent increase from the peak DDoS attack observed in 2015. DDoS attacks are among the most frequently used and prominent cyberattacks because of the relative ease of availing inexpensive DDoS tools by anyone with a grudge and…

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Samburaj Das

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